A while back, I learned a very interesting observation about drowning victims. Most people believe that if someone is drowning or having trouble in water, they will splash and make noise, even call for help. What I learned is that unlike what you see on TV, the reality is quite different. In fact, most drowning victims are completely silent while they struggle to keep afloat and prevent water from entering their lungs. Why is this? If I remember correctly, it boils down to the human body is expending all of it’s energy in a response to survive. There is no air left over to call for help, and all energy is being devoted to the act of staying alive.
Many people as a result, are unable to recognize when someone is in a very dire circumstance and needs help immediately. From the outside, a drowning victim might look like they’re very focused on swimming, they might not even be doing more than doggy paddling. It’s difficult to tell that they’re in trouble. They certainly won’t be able to ask for help.
Again, they won’t be able to ask for help even though help is the only thing that could save them.
What is important, is that those around are able to recognize the signs of someone drowning, and be able to react. Because the victim may not be able to ask for themselves.
It’s okay to not be able to ask for help when it’s most needed. You’re too busy trying to stay afloat.