Update January 2010, What I've Been Up To

I’ve been working on a Ruby on Rails program for my work for quite a while now, and it’s getting near time to ship. There have been a couple of by-products that have come out from my work on that program that I’ve released to my Github account.

track_changes was created to allow me to audit changes made to models in a rails application. When I first looked for auditing solutions for rails, it didn’t appear that there were any that were thread-safe, and they all seemed to be quite complex for my needs. After a recent refactor, the bulk of work done is in the file which is about 60 lines of code. About a week ago I also added the ability to configure the filter if your audit model isn’t called Audit and a couple of other items.

Links for track_changes:

unfuddle_my_email is a simple command-line tool written in Ruby that will download email from a POP3 mailbox and post it to your Unfuddle account as a new ticket. It’s usage is simple, you copy the included configuration-sample.yml, edit it to point to your POP3 mailbox and Unfuddle project, and then simply run unfuddle_my_email configuration.yml. This will create tickets in your project.

I do plan on added a few more features to unfuddle_my_email, such as keeping track of already downloaded messages, but for now it works well enough.

Links for unfuddle_my_email: