Installing Ruby 1.9.1, Rails 2.3.2 and PostgreSQL on Windows Vista

This is a short write up on how I installed my Rails development environment on Windows Vista. If you have any trouble, consult the notes section at the bottom.
Update: I missed the part about installing the devkit, thanks to Roger Pack on the Rubyinstaller-devel mailing list. I also added a section for references.


You’ll need to download the following:

Installing PostgreSQL 8.4

Installing PostgreSQL is rather simple, just follow the wizard.

Installing Ruby 1.9.1

Installing the devkit

Extract “devkit041109.7z” to your ruby path, “C:Ruby19”, after which you should have the following directory:

  • C:Ruby19devkit

Also, edit the file “C:Ruby19devkitmsys1.0.11etcfstab” to contain the following:

C:/Ruby19/devkit/gcc/3.4.5 /mingwC:/Ruby19/devkit/msys/1.0.11/usr/local /usr/local

Installing Rails and the pg gem.

The Ruby installer added a “Start Command Prompt with Ruby” to the Start Menu, go ahead and run that now.

  1. Add the PostgreSQL bin directory to your path.
  2. Install rails.
  3. Install the pg gem.
set Path=%Path%;C:Program FilesPostgreSQL8.4bingem install --no-ri --no-rdoc railsgem install --no-ri --no-rdoc pg

That’s it, go develop that killer twitter client, its what all the cool kids are doing.


  • If you had previously installed PostgreSQL, remove the service account user with “net user postgres /delete”.
  • Copy “C:Program FilesPostgreSQL8.4binlibeay32.dll” to “C:Ruby19bin” if you encounter an error when Rails attempts to connect to your database.