Extracting Music from Heroes of Might and Magic 1 (82M Files)

I have Might and Magic 1 from the Might and Magic Humble Bundle. After installation there’s a homm1.gog file which is actually and ISO containing the original music in 82M format.

With info from the Reverse Engineering Wiki page on the 82M file extension I’ve come up with the following command to convert these music files using ffmpeg:

for %f in (*.82M) do ffmpeg -f s8 -ar 22050 -ac 1 -i %f -acodec pcm_u8 -ar 22050 -ac 1 %~nf.wav

This will convert each 82M file to the appropriate WAV format. If you have 82M files from Heroes of Might and Magic 2, you should be able to change the option s8 to u8.

How To Stop Windows Media Sharing From Modifying Music Files

I was annoyed that if you enable HomeGroup Sharing in Windows 7 and share your music, that the media sharing service will automatically update your music and change artist names and such. I didn’t want artists such as “The Chemical Brothers” renamed to  “Chemical Brothers, The”. That’s what the artist sort tag is for. So I did a bit of searching and it appears that you can use group policy to change it globally.

Local Group Policy Editor

Open the Local Group Policy Editor and navigate to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Media Player and enable Prevent Music File Media Information Retrieval. You can run gpupdate /force to enable the change immediately. 

Prevent Music File Metadata Retrieval

This should prevent the sharing service from updating files, I’ll have to wait a day or two to be sure because the last time, the changes were made overnight while my computer was running.

Now, unfortunately, you need to be running Windows Professional in order to have access to the Group Policy Editor, I don’t know if there’s a way to deal with this without GPE. Perhaps some searching will yield more information.

Reference: http://www.vistax64.com/vista-music-pictures-video/141773-prevent-wmp11-modifying-tags-dowloading-album-art.html#post666933